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Are you needing a clear title on an investment property to obtain title insurance? A Quiet Title will solve your problem.

As a real estate investor myself, I understand the process of obtaining a clear title on an investment property with a Quiet Title action. When you invest in Tax Deeds as part of your Real Estate Investment portfolio, you will need to obtain a Quiet Title in order to purchase Title Insurance.

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation during which you'll learn...

  • Why you need a Tax Deed Quiet Title action for your investment property
  • How obtaining a clear title on your tax deed property will help you when it's time to get title insurance before you sell
  • How long it usually takes in a Quiet Title Action.
  • How much your case will cost you, based on your situation, from start to finish
We'll also answer any questions you may have on a general basis. Once you become a client we can go into more detail on your case.
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I've helped hundreds of clients get a clear title on their properties. I am a Real Estate Investor myself, and I specialize in Quiet Title Actions.

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